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Devon Harris

Mum, writer, coach and yogi

Committed to developing my own daily personal practice that was seasonally appropriate and specific for my body and lifestyle, I began an intensive study of yoga in 2009 and haven't looked back.

I discovered that a consciously crafted, self guided, personalised, evolving, daily practice is possible!

I found that it promises to deliver us to a profound understanding of our own personal psychology and physiology.

And that finding flow in our work, our parenting and within ourselves organically leads to our physical bodies becoming both stronger and more flexible. 

Developing and then establishing a personal practice his journey promises profound change.


Direction and Guidance

Improving wellbeing is a lifestyle commitment.  Check out my offerings of services and programs and join my community today.

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Imagine being a self-sufficient yoga practitioner

Imagine being able to tailor your own personal practice each day to respond specifically to how you are feeling, high energy, low energy or even through periods of illness.

Imagine never again pining for your daily 'fix' at a class because you can give it to yourself anywhere, anytime.

Imagine being on holiday, caring for sick kids, visiting relatives, or traveling for work - the times we need our practice the most - and being able to access it every day, for free, because it now exists inside you.

This is the world that 1:1 coaching with me will deliver to you.

Together will assess your needs, develop a practice, hone it and tweak it and then cut the cord setting you free, self-sufficient and grounded in an unshakable daily practice.


Workshops are designed as one-off or as a part of a series

We promote natural intrinsic motivation in children by combining powerful and fun postural experiences with gentle, explorative self-inquiry.  Designed to ignite an understanding - and acceptance - of their own dynamic internal landscape, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

We utilise modeling and provide practical information alongside reliably fulfilling needs to create an environment that invites contribution and participation.  Through empathic listening to feelings and allowing a healthy flow of natural consequences we achieve a climate where children can experience truly being valued for their uniqueness, being loved, and feeling confidence and security.

With consistent practice, yoga is an effective vehicle for children to grow into their own true loved and loving, respected and respectful, self blissiplined selves.

Transitions for baby

Keep Their Innate Connection

Watching your baby explore movement can be both frustrating and exhilarating, You are going to gain clarity and learn the foundational strategies to collaborate with them as they pass through necessary challenges and periods of 'creative tension'.  You will become a powerful yet subtle guide for your child so they can 'do it themselves'.  In this class we explore how babies make transitions from laying to rolling, from rolling to sitting, from sitting to crawling and from crawling to standing. We ensure that respect for each child's own timing and progression is held.  We offer support by way of developing our own awareness of where baby is at and then by giving gentle cues to allow baby the incredible joy and immense power of discovering their innate ability to move their own body.

Yoga Playgroup

Babies, toddlers and kids all welcome

A nourishing yogic space where children are celebrated in all their colours. You'll be lead with a short gentle practice to open the body and relax the mind and nervous system however the focus is on relaxation and taking time to connect in.  Children are invited and supported to participate or play as they choose and the light and playful use of chant and powerful yogic stories.

The practices and theories of RIE and Aware Parenting are key, as the space is held by 'sportscasting' with empathic, respectful listening to the feelings and needs of all. 

The practice will be followed by a cup of tea, and an opportunity to connect with other parents. 

The Possibile Parent Project

Weekly events and an upcoming book!


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"



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